Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sean Eisenstein

Here is some commentary by Darren:

Heidegger says "Thus, where Enframing reigns, there is /danger/ in the highest sense." Then he quotes Holderlin, "But where danger is, grows the saving power also."

As the 'beings of light' erupt through the mechanical video frame, we suggest that the salvation might literally manifest itself visually.

An old article of mine makes some sense in this light:

"Quite a different (though no less curious) application of the Eisenstein feedback method is the experimental generation and observation of autonomous ‘beings of light.’ ... These orbs may remain stable for several days at a time. Those with a rich history of interaction may appear to be stable for minutes or hours at end before suddenly and unexpectedly erupting with flashes, self-generated ‘appendages’ or rapid changes in colour or size. It is curious to note that such complex behaviours are associated with many visually-comparable hallucinogenic phenomena including hypnagogic visuals and ‘earth lights.’ It seems fair to say that these strange properties of Eisenstein feedback warrant further investigation."


Anonymous said...

Hiya Darren,
The video is just beautiful, I'd love to see them do something live...
Cheers, Marc

Sean Eisenstein said...

Hello there,

Would love to do a live performance for you in the new year. Obviously I would need to ask for some renumeration towards travel expenses and accommodation. Practicalities aside I would be honored to demonstrate my practice, followed by a short questions and answers session, at your institution. You can contact me through Darren.


Sean Eisenstein