Monday, October 06, 2008

Hi (great post by Judy below; anyone else want to comment?)

Thought this might be of interest; I have a tendency to read Marx as a philosopher, and wish I had a greater facility with the economic stuff:

Public Meeting

Tuesday October 21st

7pm Conway Hall, Red Lion Square

MARX and the credit crunch

Istvan Mezsaros, author of Beyond Capital

Chris Harman, editor, International Socialism journal

Richard Brenner, author of The Credit Crunch - a Marxist Analysis

A global credit crunch. Banks collapsing. Prices soaring. Recession looming. Conventional economic theory appears to have no coherent explanation. Government stumps up hundreds of billions to rescue the bankers - and demands that working people's pay be held down and spending cut on public services. At this meeting, three Marxist writers examine the roots of this great crisis in the nature of capital itself. Tracing the current crisis to its origins, they show how workers can resist paying the price for a crisis they never made, and set out the case for systemic change.

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